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Introducing, on the drums, our new band member in Celso Paco & Dynamo De Luxe! Raymond Karlsson plays music in many genres and has been a part of the Swedish music scene for many years and has also performed internationally. Throughout his career, he’s been a member of bands such as Hawk on Flight and Ulf Wakenius Group, both of which made several albums and toured extensively. He has played with international jazz artists such as Bob Berg, Bob Brookmeyer, Niels-Henning Örsted-Pedersen, Art Farmer and Horace Palm. In configurations ranging from trios to big bands he has put his own touch on the music, with his signature treatment of the rhythms. We are very happy to have Raymond with us for the next stage of our polyrhythmic journey with Celso Paco & Dynamo De Luxe!

Raymond Karlsson – Drums

Photo: © Ola Hedman