Album: Dugongo
Realesed: 2011
Genre: Afro-pop

After touring together for many years, “Dugongo” was the band’s first CD; released in 2011 by their own label EKO in Gothenburg. The bulk of the material is by Celso Paco, but the ideas and backgrounds of the rest of the band have also shaped the music into something very singular. Strongly influenced by the music of his homeland, Celso Paco interprets traditional tunes from the region of Maputo. Neighboring countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe have also provided inspiration, along with the international rock and jazz scene, which is reflected in the composition and the expression of the group. Celso shares personal experiences and reflections performed in Ronga, Shona, Shangani, Chope (local languages found in southern Mozambique), Portuguese, English and French. Whatever the origin and styles of their music, Celso Pace & Dynamo de Luxe are devoted to the poetry, groove and energy of African music.